Case studies | Campaign automation in the BlueWinston tool and A/B testing Discovery Ads formats

Our cooperation with the client first started with the use of the <span class="underline">CSS Shopping in EU service</span>, which ensured lower prices per click in Shopping ads and also a higher number of impressions and clicks for the original budget.

Cost per conversion
Visit case study | Campaigns for AutoRicambi brought a higher conversion value by +176%

For AutoRicambi, we have chosen a campaign structure built to advertise not only specific products, but also product codes and selected categories. We advertise products and original part codes through BlueWinston. We have created manual campaigns for the most common combinations of keywords (categorical campaigns) directly through Google Ads.

Order value
Visit case study | Testing a new Performance Max campaign type is the first Slovak independent oil producer. Other than Slovakia, the e-shop also sells on the Czech market and every gourmet chef finds what they’re looking for there. Oleamo offers quality olive and balsamic oils from all over the world that will elevate your dish to the next level. Find out for yourself and discover the love for olive oil.

Visit case study | How we brought CTR up to 13% and increased the annual turnover by 365% without a brand campaign

We started working with Alko90 in October 2020. The first step to take over their account was creating a complex audit, where we gave our suggestions and recommendations to get a better performance from the original campaigns.

Total profit
Visit case study | How we strengthened the brand and sales at the same time with the help of RTB and PPC

Muziker approached us for cooperation during the most competitive Christmas period, so it was a challenge for us to prepare a Christmas campaign where, in addition to sales support and compliance with performance metrics, we also focused on building and the rememberability of the brand.

Visit case study | Increased revenue from organic visits by 16% and transactions by 9% in 5 months

We started working with Alko90 in October 2020. The priority has been increasing the efficiency of paid advertising in Google Ads. In February 2021 we deepened our cooperation by covering SEO optimization where we focused on reaching our set goals.

Organic traffic
Increase in organic traffic turnover
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