| How we brought CTR up to 13% and increased the annual turnover by 365% without a brand campaign

We at Alko90 were extremely satisfied with the cooperation with Managino. We started with PPC campaigns, which Managino expanded and fine-tuned for us. The campaigns brought great results throughout the whole year. After being satisfied with the PPC campaigns, we decided to entrust Managino with SEO management as well. Together, we successfully managed the transition to a new web system. We recommend Managino both professionally and personally.

Laura Sláviková

If you’re looking for quality alcohol, eshop Alko90 has more that 2 000 types in stock from all over the world. Whether you want to reward yourself with a bottle of rum or are looking for a gift basket for your relatives or colleagues, you will find what you’re looking for.

You can order premium alcohol of various brands from the comfort of your own home or shop in one of their stores in Bratislava or Trnava, where professionally trained staff will help you choose.

How was the beginning of our cooperation?

We started working with Alko90 in October 2020. The first step to take over their account was creating a complex audit, where we gave our suggestions and recommendations to get a better performance from the original campaigns. They were only focused on promoting the top sold categories of alcohol and a brand campaign that brought more than a half (54,23%) of all conversions and (59,38%) of the overall turnover. Another problem we had to face was a suspended Google Merchant Center account.

How did we set our goals?

The goal was clear. The priority was expanding the structure and typology of campaigns to cover the rest of product categories and brands. The client also expected a raise in the volume of conversions and the overall revenue while keeping COS under 10%. Most of all, we wanted to increase the share of non-brand campaigns of the total turnover.

  • Expand the campaign structure
  • Increase the conversion volume and overall revenue
  • Keep COS under 10%
  • Increase the share of non-brand campaigns on the turnover

And now for the execution
Creating shopping campaigns

Firstly, we tried to fix the problem with starting shopping campaigns. That is why we created a new Google Merchant Center account with the CSS Shopping in EU service, that guaranteed our client lower prices for a click and a higher impression rate. Then we were able to start creating smart shopping campaigns with the help of the automated BlueWinston tool. Thanks to its innovative features we easily segmented products into multiple campaigns based on the brand and price of individual products. Segmentation ensured a clearer overview and control over the performance of campaigns and enabled a more relevant evaluation. The optimization of shopping campaigns was made easier by scripts freely adjustable in the tool.

Editing search campaigns

With search campaigns, it was needed to improve creatives and the functionality of ad texts. We fully used the offered ad space and implemented all available extensions, added titles and descriptions, fixed URL addresses. We extended the structure of search campaigns also to other product categories and created a DSA campaign that covered the whole assortment. By editing the original campaigns, we increased the click rate by 14,77%.

Adding another campaign types

Because other than performance campaigns we wanted to focus on brand building, we added display campaigns that communicate news, discounts and the brand. To support physical stores, we utilized newly available local campaigns focused on supporting the visits of the newly opened store in Trnava. We were also pleased with the results of a campaign that in a month from its start reached 1 079 799 views and conversions in the form of getting the directions to the store for a minimum price (1,14€ CPA).

Overall result overview

Our work with Alko90 has resulted in a positive outcome. We compared results from before we started working together 40/2019 – 20/2020 and now 40/2020 – 20/2021. The share of brand campaigns has decreased from 59,38% to 39,81%. Despite a complex expansion of the account’s structure and covering most of the products, we managed to keep COS under 10% and also keep ROAS over 1000% even without a brand campaign. Behind these results there is patient analysis of the results by our specialists and determination to continuously move forward in implementing the newest trends in the Google Ads field.

COS without a brand campaign 9,63%

Increased click rate by 14,77%

39,81% share of the turnover from a brand campaign

Increased overall revenue by 365%

Increased conversions by 308%

Increased conversion rate by 40,19%

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