Campaigns for AutoRicambi brought +176% higher value of orders

I really appreciate Managino's patient approach, because I'm not completely familiar with many things, and they helped me a lot with setting up campaigns and Analytics.

Monika Rodáková

AutoRicambi is a specialist dealer of spare parts for Iveco, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault and Ford vans. The e-shop offers original and branded car parts, expert advice and express delivery of parts from its own warehouse to the whole world.

What campaign structure did we choose?

For AutoRicambi, we have chosen a campaign structure built to advertise not only specific products, but also product codes and selected categories. We advertise products and original part codes through BlueWinston. We have created manual campaigns for the most common combinations of keywords (categorical campaigns) directly through Google Ads.

  • Performance Max campaign
  • Segmenting campaigns through the BlueWinston tool
  • We expanded the account to include manual campaigns
  • We are currently working on SEO optimization

What was our strategy?

The first step was to divide the Smart Shopping campaign, which included all products, into several campaigns for each product category separately. Subsequently, we monitored the collected data and excluded inefficient products from the campaigns that spent the budget and did not bring conversions. We also decided to expand the account with a new type of campaign and cover other networks in addition to search.

Performance Max campaign

In this campaign, we advertise products through BlueWinston, where we can also use scripts for automatic optimization of the campaign according to the margin. As needed, we can easily filter products into the campaign or pause products that are underperforming (e.g. they have too many clicks and low ROAS).

As you can see in the picture, for the Performance Max campaign we also use the Shopping in EU CSS service to get the most clicks from the given budget. The CSS service lowers the price of clicks by up to 20% and thus gives us an advantage over competitors who do not yet use the CSS service.

Product text campaign for parts

In this campaign we are advertising specific part numbers for commercial vehicles and trucks. Each part can have multiple codes, which are sent via XML feed to BlueWinston. Subsequently, BlueWinston creates one ad group for each component, which contains keywords (original number, alternative numbers) as well as advertisements for each component.

We send the user to the search result, where he can choose a given part from several manufacturers, for example, the part with code 1908577 is produced by Ferodo and Emmerre =>

Categorical campaigns

Here we have selected several categories and added the vehicle manufacturer and model to them. We start from what users are most often looking for, i.e. different combinations of spare parts, car brand and model.

  • category + manufacturer + model, e.g. rearview mirror iveco daily
  • category + manufacturer, e.g. iveco rear view mirror
  • category + model, e.g. iveco rear view mirror

These are manually created Google campaigns, so we have very good control over ads, keywords and search terms. We continuously optimize campaigns so that they have the best possible performance.

What were the results after the launch?

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value of the acquisitions

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