| Campaign automation in the BlueWinston tool and A/B testing Discovery Ads formats

As advantages of cooperation, I want to highlight high expertise, understanding of the issue, monthly reports and excellent communication. Thanks to Managino, we are always one step ahead of the competition, as Managino quickly integrates news that Google is just launching into campaigns. Excellent and fast communication. Constant suggestions for improvement.

Ing. Patrik Marák

The online store operates on the Slovak market and focuses on the segment of interior car accessories. Here you will find complete equipment for your car, including deflectors, textile car mats, rubber car mats, trunk trays and other equipment. The assortment is wide, customers have a choice of products from various manufacturers, and the e-shop also provides professional advice. The owner of the successful e-shop is Ing. Patrik Marák, with whom we have very much liked to cooperate for a long time within the framework of several services covered by the Managino Agency.

Small steps leading to success

Our cooperation with the client first started with the use of the CSS Shopping in EU service, which ensured lower prices per click in Shopping ads and also a higher number of impressions and clicks for the original budget. Since this service proved successful for the client, he also started using the BlueWinston tool, thanks to which he could easily filter products for campaigns according to the current seasonality. After a few months, we decided to expand the account with manual campaigns in Google Ads to achieve even better results.

  • Client uses CSS Shopping in EU
  • Client segments campaigns through the BlueWinston tool
  • We expanded the account to also include manual campaigns
  • We are currently working on SEO optimization

What was our strategy?

The first step was to divide the Smart Shopping campaign, which included all products, into several campaigns for each product category separately. Subsequently, we monitored the collected data and excluded inefficient products from the campaigns that spent the budget and did not bring conversions. We also decided to expand the account with a new type of campaign and cover other networks in addition to search.

How to save time?

Thanks to the automated BlueWinston campaign creation tool, it was possible to create Smart Shopping campaigns for each product category separately. The process was very simple and the creation of campaigns took only a few minutes thanks to the options of filtering by price, brand and category. In Smart Shopping campaigns, we filtered only selected products from the given category and limited products only from a certain price range.

The advantage of Smart Shopping campaign segmentation is mainly better clarity and control over their performance. Since the campaigns are segmented according to product categories, it also ensures an easier evaluation of the results. Thanks to the BlueWinston tool, campaigns are easily optimized using set scripts. If you prefer manual control, you can also exclude products from campaigns yourself - without using scripts.

We tested the unconventional campaign format Discovery

Other that search engines, we decided to cover other Google platforms (YouTube, Gmail, Discovery Channel). This campaign type utilizes machine learning and shows ads to customers based on their online behavior. From our experience, Discovery Ads is a more affordable format than search campaigns (thanks to a lower average CPC) and also brings more concersions as opposed to search campaigns.

You can use ads in two alternatives. The first one is a classic image as in Display campaigns. The second one is a series of images (carousel), this way you can advertise multiple products at the same time and potential costumers can look through them sequentially. We decided to A/B test these two ad alternatives. The were launched in the same testing period and we noticed significant performance differences in the carousel ad as opposed to the classic image one.

What were the results after the launch?






conv. price




avg. CPC



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