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We have worked with the Managino Agency on the launch of our Christmas campaign. The goal was the support of sales on Slovak and Czech markets and the realization of communication via new brand codes, which we implemented into campaigns after our recent rebranding. I rate their approach very positively, because our cooperation on the project ran transparently from start to finish. We set clear goals at the beginning of our collaboration and they updated us via regular reports and updates on where we're heading and based on this, Alex with his team of experts optimized the settings. I recommend Managino.

Nina Ilčíková MarCom Manager

Muziker's path started in 1997, when they were founded as a small shop with musical instruments. Today, Muziker is known as a modern international eshop operating across more than 30 countries with more than 11 B&Ms. Muziker no longer specializes solely on musical instruments, they also offer a rich assortment of products for spending one's free time actively. Their mission is to change freetime activities to real hobbies and dreams to amazing experiences.

What was the beginning of our cooperation like?

Muziker approached us for cooperation during the most competitive Christmas period, so it was a challenge for us to prepare a Christmas campaign where, in addition to sales support and compliance with performance metrics, we also focused on building and the rememberability of the brand. However, we took the challenge strategically and chose the RTB and META platforms for the implementation of the campaign, targeting potential customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We effectively planned it among various banner formats, videos of different lengths and on different channels (YouTube, Meta, RTB). In order to achieve the best results possible, we used the possibility of placing advertisements on the most famous Slovak websites, we targeted the relevant audience according to our own defined criteria and, most importantly, we proceeded to the most precise optimization of campaign performance.

Planning, realization and optimization

The campaign was planned using the Display & Video planner tool, thanks to which we were able to build a plan using forecasts and thus gain an overview of the goals and KPIs. This tool also helped us effectively distribute the budget between individual formats in order to deliver the target metrics as best as possible.

As part of the optimization, we excluded inefficient dimensions of creatives and domains, moved the budget to the most effective targeting and paid attention to the emphasis on brand safety. Using Brand safety targeting, we've ensured that we only purchase inventory that meets brand safety requirements, preventing ads from appearing next to inappropriate content. Thanks to the precise optimization of the campaigns, we managed to fulfill the plan and all the expected performance metrics. Despite running the campaign during the Christmas period, when the ad space is at its most competitive, we managed to deliver even more impressions and reach with a very good frequency and an even lower CPM than estimated in the original plan.

Test study

In addition to the established KPI's, we also measured the effectiveness of advertising through the Brand Lift, which took place in the form of a banner survey. By means of a question, we found out from the users the connection of the main identifying features - the purple color and the mascot, with the Muziker brand. It was a one-click questionnaire that was displayed to two test groups. To those who saw the ad and to those who did not. The difference in the scores of these two groups represents the so-called lift, i.e. the impact of the campaign on the brand. The results of this study were especially important for us.

Results of the Brand lift

The Brand lift evaluation showed that users who saw the ad were more likely to associate the color purple with Muziker. Users who did not see the Muziker ad associated this color with the brand less. Also on this basis, we can evaluate that brand advertising support helped increase brand awareness. In Slovakia, where the brand is relatively well-known, we boosted brand recognition with advertising by 13% more among users who saw the ad. In the Czech Republic, where people do not know Muziker that much, we managed to achieve a difference of up to 78% thanks to the displayed advertisement.

Results of the SK Brand lift:

Brand Interest TG: did not see ad TG: saw ad Difference % points Difference %
Decathlon 15% 10% 19% 9% 90%
Kytary 25% 29% 24% -5% -17%
Muziker 50% 45% 51% 6% 13.3%
Sportissimo 10% 17% 6% -11% -64%

Results of the CZ brand lift:

Brand Interest TG: did not see ad TG: saw ad Difference % points Difference %
Decathlon 24% 35% 18% -17% -49%
Kytary 22% 21% 23% 2% 10%
Muziker 27% 18% 32% 14% 78%
Sportissimo 27% 26% 27% 1% 4%

This result is also proof of the significant impact advertising can have on the memorability of the brand and its retention in the customer's subconscious. See for yourself the advantages of combining RTB and PPC campaigns and contact our specialists.

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