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Properly set web analytics is the alpha and omega of every website. It is not only used to monitor the success of campaigns, but also provides valuable information about all website visitors.


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Why do you need web analytics?

With the help of web analytics, we can determine with high accuracy the customer's journey on the site, where they come from, what keywords they used to get to the site, where they click, where they spend the most time, and what device they are using. Thanks to the collected data, we can adapt campaigns to those customers who are most likely to purchase.

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Reach higher profits for less

What is most important to you as a businessman? In 99% of cases, the answer is simple. Profit. The data collected in analytics can tell us a lot about which customers buy most often and in what values. After all, it makes a difference whether the ad reaches 100 customers who make a purchase worth €300 or 20 customers who make a purchase worth €5,000.

With this data, we can adjust the campaigns so that they reach only those who will actually be interested and bring you the desired profit.

Discover the weak points of your site

People go to your site, add products to the cart, but don't complete the purchase and you don't know why? Thanks to the tracking of a multi-step cart, you can determine exactly at which step customers left your site, and thus find out what prevents them from completing the purchase. It could be, for example, a non-functioning payment gateway, a high price for delivery, or another problem that causes customers to leave the site. Thanks to the amount of data that can be collected about every centimeter of your website, we can customize the page so that it suits especially those who appreciate it the most. Your customers. We will only get campaigns to those who are actually interested.

Successfully implemented projects

AUTOvybava | Campaign automation in the BlueWinston tool and A/B testing Discovery Ads formats

Our cooperation with the client first started with the use of the <span class="underline">CSS Shopping in EU service</span>, which ensured lower prices per click in Shopping ads and also a higher number of impressions and clicks for the original budget.

Cost per conversion
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AUTO RICAMBI | Campaigns for AutoRicambi brought a higher conversion value by +176%

For AutoRicambi, we have chosen a campaign structure built to advertise not only specific products, but also product codes and selected categories. We advertise products and original part codes through BlueWinston. We have created manual campaigns for the most common combinations of keywords (categorical campaigns) directly through Google Ads.

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